Il passato continua a tornare a perseguitare Todd Chrisley. Per anni, lui e sua moglie, Julie Chrisley, hanno vissuto alla grande e hanno assecondato i loro gusti costosi, invitando gli spettatori a guardarli ostentare la loro ricchezza nella loro serie di realtà USA Network « Chrisley Knows Best ». Ma dietro le quinte, la coppia usava mezzi disonesti per mantenere le apparenze; nel novembre 2022, Todd e Julie sono stati condannati a un totale di 19 anni di carcere per frode bancaria e altri crimini finanziari, secondo l’ufficio del procuratore degli Stati Uniti per il distretto settentrionale della Georgia. Tuttavia, questa volta, è la bocca di Todd (e la sua apparente sete di vendetta), non i suoi loschi metodi per ottenere denaro, che lo hanno portato ancora una volta nell’acqua calda.

It was Todd's lack of a filter and sassy, Southern gentleman persona that helped popularize "Chrisley Knows Best." But according to Kyle Chrisley's ex-wife, Alexus "Lexi" Whilby, the barbed-tongued big spender has said things to her that possibly would have got him canceled long ago if they'd been captured on camera. According to the Daily Mail, Whilby, who divorced Kyle in 2018, even has potential evidence that Todd threatened her because she cooperated with the Georgia Department of Revenue when it was investigating him for tax evasion. Todd's habit of taunting his enemies on social media also revealed an ugly side of the reality show star when he lashed out at Whilby publicly.

Todd Chrisley's alleged racist attack on Alexus Whilby

Alexus Whilby and Kyle Chrisley got married in 2014, the same year "Chrisley Knows Best" premiered. Kyle and Todd Chrisley had a contentious relationship, and Kyle decided to cooperate with the Georgia Department of Revenue to offer proof of his dad's financial crimes in 2017. Whilby did as well, saying that Todd then left her a series of threatening voicemails. "You don't need protection, you need an attorney. Call your brothers and find out about that fake trust that you got that has that $100 million dollars in it because I am coming to get a part of it," Todd's allegedly heard saying in one of the recordings, according to the Daily Mail.

Whilby previously told the Daily Mail that Kyle regretted turning against his father and wanted to take back his claims about Todd's wrongdoing. "I was under pressure to do the same and when I didn't that's when he [Todd] went crazy," she said. But even before the 2017 investigation, Todd was lashing out at Whilby on Twitter. As of this writing, one racist attack from 2015 has not yet been deleted. "Bye you tired a** weave wearing ashy skinned HO," it reads, in part. 

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Whilby revealed that Kyle told her that Todd didn't want them to get married because she's Black. "I endured the bullying comments for years in silence, but Karma dealt with it so that I didn't have to," she told the Daily Mail.


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