Sembra che Zach Wilson stia segnando touchdown sia dentro che fuori dal campo. L’astro nascente quarterback ha avuto una carriera piuttosto impressionante, passando dalla Brigham Young University a giocare nelle grandi leghe. Secondo ESPN, Wilson è stato selezionato dai New York Jets come la scelta numero 2 in assoluto nel draft NFL 2021 e ha fatto la storia battendo il record di Joe Namath come quarterback con il draft più alto della franchigia. Namath è stato scelto nel Draft NFL 1965 come la dodicesima scelta assoluta, secondo CBS Sports.

"It was awesome, you know, it was everything I had hoped and dreamed for," Wilson said after he was drafted during an interview with reporter Eric Allen. "I've worked my whole life for this situation so I was so excited getting that phone call." The Jets quarterback also expressed his gratitude for being able to achieve such an accomplishment surrounded by the people he loves. "What a special moment to share with my family," Wilson added. 

Although this rising prospect has a very bright future ahead of him, fans are already starting to label him a legend after a shocking new allegation came to light. 

Zach Wilson reportedly slept with his mom's best friend

Zach Wilson has some explaining to do. His ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile caused quite the stir after she alleged that the footballer was involved with someone who has close ties to his family. It all started when Washington Commanders wide receiver Dax Milne, who is Wilson's former college roommate, shared a photo on Instagram snuggled up with his new girlfriend and — here's where things get messy — his newfound love happens to be Gile. "Word on the street," Milne shadily wrote under the pics. 

According to The New York Post, Gile started to receive a lot of criticism and backlash online for dating her ex-boyfriend's longtime friend, and some even went as far as to label her a "homie hopper." That's when the social media influencer fired back and claimed Wilson was hooking up with his mom's best friend, and explained that he was "the real homie hopper." While it's still unclear who this mystery woman is, Wilson took a more comical approach in responding to the accusations. "Took the boys to Gozzer Ranch Club in Idaho before camp," he wrote on Instagram. "Poor cell service...what I miss?"

The quarterback's mom Lisa Neeleman Wilson also broke her silence. "[Gile] is a very angry girl," she told the Daily Mail. However, Neither Wilson or his mom have outright denied the claims.


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