Tyler Baltierra non è estraneo allo schermo ed è sempre stato aperto sul suo viaggio come padre, marito e figlio. Secondo Us Weekly, Baltierra e la sua partner Catelynn Lowell hanno recitato per la prima volta in “16 & Pregnant” nel 2009 prima di diventare membri regolari del cast di “Teen Mom” ​​e “Teen Mom OG”. Per più di un decennio, la star del reality è stata molto sincera riguardo alle difficoltà che ha dovuto affrontare nella sua relazione, rinunciando alla sua prima figlia Carly in adozione, la sua battaglia contro la depressione e ha persino documentato il suo viaggio dimagrante.

However, Baltierra is proving he can overcome anything and has fans in awe of his latest transformation. 

Tyler Baltierra shows off his new body after losing 24 pounds

Tyler Baltierra is coming in hot. The MTV reality star shared a before-and-after photo of his major weight-loss transformation on Instagram and he's super excited about his results. Baltierra began bulking earlier this year, and once he reached his goal weight of 204 pounds in March, he then started the cutting process. The "Conquering Chaos" author now weighs 179 after losing 24 pounds and gaining a whole lot of muscle.

"I still have a long way to go until I reach my ultimate goal, but I promised myself that I would post more about my fitness journey, because It helps keep me accountable & I get questions about it from you guys all the time," Baltierra wrote in his caption. "It makes me even more pumped to see how the next cut goes after I'm done bulking again." 

Not only was Baltierra ecstatic at how far he has come, but so were his fans. "Way to go I know you did this for yourself and you should be proud but to also be healthier for your beautiful ladies," one user commented. "I'm just proud of the fact that you work on yourself... Be it physical or mental. It takes effort to try to better yourself," another wrote. 


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