Siamo solo noi o sembra che Tyra Banks abbia avuto quasi tutte le carriere sotto il sole? Certo, la conosciamo per aver messo in mostra le sue cose sulla passerella come una professionista assoluta, ma i suoi talenti vanno oltre. A volte, Banks ha messo in mostra le sue capacità di recitazione, e cosa potrebbe dimenticare la sua interpretazione nel film del 1997 “Life-Size?” Nel film, Banks interpretava una bambola che prendeva vita e usciva con Lindsay Lohan. Ha anche mostrato le sue doti canore con la canzone alla fine.

Fans are thrilled to see Tyra Banks exit DWTS

After three seasons serving as the host of "Dancing With the Stars," Tyra Banks is taking her final bow. The model-turned-television star shared the news with TMZ as she revealed her priorities. "I feel it's time for me to really focus on my business and my entrepreneurship, and also producing more TV — but behind the scenes," she told the outlet of her departure. "I think it's time to graduate from the dance floor to the stock market floor ... from the ballroom to the boardroom!" On Instagram, Banks has shared glimpses of her ice cream brand, Smize & Dream, which she plans on expanding in the United States. She expressed that her desire is to focus on her ice cream business and even showed items in her Whole Foods cart for "research and development." 

Once fans caught wind of the news, they took to social media to weigh in — and the overwhelming majority weren't too sad about Banks' decision to leave. "Good. Every job ain't for everybody and that was not for her," one person tweeted regarding the news. "Thank goodness! She's the reason I stopped watching! She overacts, is so over the top ridiculous, [and] made it all about her and not the dancers or the show! She was horrible," another social media user added. A few others suggested that former pros like Cheryl Burke or Maksim Chmerkovskiy should take the reins from Banks.


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