Lala Kent condivide la figlia Ocean con il suo ex fidanzato, Randall Emmett. Nonostante il legame con il bambino, Kent ed Emmett si sono separati nel novembre 2021 dopo che da parte sua erano state trasmesse voci di accuse di frode, per Us Weekly. “Randall non voleva separarsi, ma è stata una decisione di Lala. La fiducia è svanita. Ha cercato di riconquistarla”, ha detto una fonte allo sbocco.

Despite all the drama, Kent is all about being a mom. Her Instagram presence is all about baby Ocean. "My little ride or die for life," Kent captioned a post of her and her daughter in April 2022. Now, it seems like Kent is ready for one more and she has a game plan.

Lala Kent is going to use a sperm donor

Lala Kent is planning her next pregnancy — with or without a relationship. On the November 25th episode of Scheana Shay's "Scheananigans" podcast, Kent told Shay about her baby plans. "I'm thinking around the summertime I'll start trying to get pregnant," Kent shared. She added, "So, because I'm pretty good to go, I could just do the insemination process." Kent went on, talking about intrauterine insemination (IUI), where she would be inseminated with sperm from a donor.

Kent said that she's still open to a relationship, but she doesn't want to bet on that. "There's such a high chance of it not working out, especially where we live, I'm not taking the chance. Like, I am so scarred from all of this s*** that has happened in my life," Kent said. (For the record, she lives in Bel Air, per Bravo.) "I'm doing a sperm donor, period. I will not even attempt to try and do it a different way," Kent said definitively. "I don't want another person involved." She explained to Shay that she's already spoken to a fertility expert and has the plan down pat.


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